· 3 dancers & 11 Citizen Participants

· 45 min.

· Premiered : 2019. 11. / La Vals Hotel, Busan, Korea

Intolerable Beauty Project 3N put on a workshop titled “Challenge to Gravity” for anyone that wanted to attend which lead to the street performance of “Intolerable Beauty” incorporating those participants.
The performance was the embodiment of breaking from the daily outside influences on our lives and being able to truly live. Gravity is the representation of those influencing forces pulling on us and keeping us from truly living in the moment.
Through breaking from gravity and these influences we’re able to represent the true beauty of living in the moment.

“Intolerable Beauty” was performed on a sky scraper 100 meters tall next to the Yeongdo Sea in Busan, South Korea. The stage was the sky with the salty sea breeze and all was expressed through various movements in breaking from gravity.